Commodity Products

Gold Futures


Underlying Asset Fine gold bar (99.99% pure)
Contract Size 1 Kg (1,000g)
Price Quotation Korean Won (KRW) per gram
Tick Size & Value 10, representing a value of KRW 10,000
Contract Months The first two consecutive months(one even-numbered month and one odd-numbered month) plus the next five even-numbered months(February, April, June, August, October, December)
Number of Contracts Iisted 6 contract months
Margin* Initial Margin Rate : 6.3%
Maintenance Margin Rate : 4.2%
Trading Hours
(Korean Standard Time)
Single Price Auction: 08:00 ~ 09:00 and 15:05 ~ 15:15
09:00 ~15:15 (Mon-Fri)
09:00 ~11:20 (Last trading day) and 11:20 ~ 11:30 (Last trading day single price auction)
Daily Price Limit None
Last Trading Day The day before the last trading day of the contract month
Final Settlement Day Last business day of the contract month
Settlement Method Physical Delivery
Listing Date April 23, 1999
Price Information Sources Reuters:o#GOLD:
Bloomberg:KLA Comdty
Internet: http://eng.krx.co.kr/index.html