Full execution & clearing service
for all KRX listed derivatives products

As a KRX clearing member, we offer full clearing service for all KRX listed derivatives products: stock index futures & options, volatility index futures, individual equity futures & option, interest rate futures, currency futures & options and commodity futures.

KRX market access, connectivity
and IT solution

We offer FIX connectivity and suggest differentiated technology solutions for global investment bank clients, giving flexibility and choice in price discovery, execution and processing of their transactions through voice and electronic trades. With the plenty of directly connecting with third-party vendor including Fidessa, Samsung accelerates FIX connectivity set ups on behalf of new customers regardless of any choice of solutions. We also provide low-latency solutions or Co-location for latency sensitive clients. In addition, 24 hour IT support ensures a seamless continuity of market connection.

Efficient middle & back office service

Our single communication channel simplifies account opening procedure and other middle and back office related works for offshore global investment bank clients. As a part of account opening process, we also assist clients for the applications of post-margin qualification and IRC. While the KRX does not offer omnibus account structure, we help clients to trade in a single account as an omnibus account, allowing position monitoring and management at the sub account level. In-house developed back office system provides customized data feed and statements to suit variety types of back office solutions. Our frequent update and pre-calculation on margin status enable stable margin management for clients. Accepting foreign currency collaterals for margin, we also help our clients to process minimal FX conversion to cover daily market to market margin requirements. Meanwhile, providing foreign exchange services with live market quotes to our clients without any additional cost, we reduce difficulties that hinder foreign investors to enter Korean market.

Foreign-Currency Margin

  • Required margin accepted in foreign currency, i.e. USD

  • Minimal FX conversion needed to cover daily mark-to-market

Margin Financing Arrangement

  • Available by a third-party lending institution

  • The need is significantly reduced due to pre-margin exemption