CEO Message

We at Samsung Futures
our clients’
best interest.

CEOSean, Kim

Dear Clients,

As a leading KRX member of the exchange-traded derivatives market, we at
Samsung Futures prioritize our clients’ best interest.

In accordance with the belief that success hinges on the clients’ trust on us, we are keen to win your confidence as a credible Korean partner.

We are committed to fulfilling our clients’ high expectation.

we strive to enhance expertise of sales and execution teams, to provide in-depth market research, and to comply with regulations that
govern the industry. We also consistently invest in technology in response to the fast-changing market. Strategically, our firm is focused on
brokerage service, excluding proprietary business. This eventually provided us with more opportunities to manage the diversified needs of
global clients. Our efforts in this regard have yielded solid results in market share and growth, outperforming competitors.

Looking ahead, our path toward success will be determined not only by market conditions
but also, more importantly, by relationships with clients.

In fact, the unswerving value we share with our employees and clients is mutual trust. We look forward to developing business with you based
on this philosophy, which we believe would eventually generate long-term partnerships and enduring performance.