Account Opening Process

  1. 01.

    Please contact DMA or IB Sales to obtain the standard agreements or if there is any inquiries,
    then read & acknowledge the Agreement on Opening of Derivatives Trading Accounts
    (Provided by KOFIA)

  2. 02.

    Complete the account opening application form

  3. 03.

    Submit the following documents along with the account opening application form

    • Business registration certificate: Official Document proving categorization of investor type
    • Agreement on using electronic financial transaction: This agreement is only applied in case of using
      our in-house developed trading platform.
    • Amendment to ‘Act on Real Name Financial Transaction and Confidentiality’: Signature required
    • Utility Manual: It explains all order methods that Samsung Futures offers to its clients: signature required
    • Guidance of correcting erroneous transaction: signature required
    • FATCA, CRS Self-Certification Reporting: This Self-Certification needs to be filled out in order to check
      whether customers, with new accounts or preexisting accounts in financial institutions, are in U.S. status in
      accordance with 「The Law for the Coordination of International Tax Affairs」 and 「Korea-U.S. FATCA agreement」.
      (All foreign entities are required to fill out this form.
    • Authorized Signatory List Forms
    • SSI bank information